The days of the week are named after the seven moons, and are all sacred to Sequoia: Sosday, Munday, Tawday, Wibday, Thoday, Freday, and Zabday.


The twelve months of the year have thirty days each, for a 360-day year. The farm-related names are ancient, dating from before the Inundation, and have become newly relevant since the Subsidence.

Month Season Common Name Elven Name Celestial Name
1 Spring Melts Ala Primuary
2 Rains Amena Secunduary
3 Flowers Sara Tertember
4 Summer Plants Mana Quartuary
5 Grows Imara Quintuary
6 Farms Tòbafí Sextember
7 Autumn Harvests Ika September
8 Colors Fidale Octember
9 Falls Enothó November
10 Winter Frosts Seyecé December
11 Snows Olova Undecember
12 Ices Ocima Duodecember


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