Major DeitiesEdit

Deity Ali. Favored Weapon Portfolio
Pantheon any any all
Burning Hate CE dire flail hatred, fire, monsters
Dalya CG sickle or scythe agriculture, fertility
Hafgufa N greatclub ocean, trade
Inglip CN falchion madness
Mirk NE dagger death, secrets, darkness, magic
Numiel LG longsword valor, justice, sun, light
Quasxthe LE tentacle or whip floods, storms
Sequoia NG longbow nature, moon
Urmaggr LN warhammer machines, science

Minor Deities and PhilosophiesEdit

Deity Ali. Favored Weapon Portfolio
None and Antitheism any none antitheism
Ancestor Spirits any naginata (glaive) balance, community
Moons NG longbow animals, plants, moon
Zodiac any any all, but especially celestial bodies

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