Engineer society runs like a well-oiled machine. Each engineer submarine and settlement answers to the rulership in Garzak (population 55,000), a council of learned elders. The other major subsurface Engineer settlement is the secretive city of Vanlond (population 20,500). They also rule the surface territory of Surface Holdings.


Traditional arms of Garzak

In the deep of the ocean’s floor, only rumours to outsiders, lies an engineer city built inside a submerged mountain, known as Garzak, the First Anvil. A sophisticated ventilation system, possibly involving an actual portal to the Plane of Air, keeps all the inhabitants breathing. There are great dry docks where submarines are built and refit, and massive forges where the ore gathered by the submarines is refined and processed. Few other than engineers have ever visited.

The undersea engineer territories are a vast tract of deep undersea desert and badlands abandoned by the merfolk and the locathah when the Inundation came, virtually worthless except for metal deposits below the seafloor.

Engineers tend to keep to themselves. They occasionally trade with humans and elves on the surface and with merfolk, tritons, and locathah in the sea, but they tend to avoid sahuagin and kuo-toa, who in turn are generally content to let the heavily-armored engineer submarines go unmolested. The engineers have been officially in a state of war against the mongrelfolk of Gus ever since an incident in the Chaotic Plane of Air 20 years ago.

The engineers tend to look on seaforged as property, which has occasionally caused resentment and rebellion among the less well-programmed seaforged, but society is usually stable between the two groups.

Surface HoldingsEdit

The Surface Holdings are a pair of continents settled by the engineers.

The engineers have largely exploited their surface empire by setting up massive, polluting factories that are unfeasible in the tight confines of their submarines and undersea cities, where clean air is a precious resource. The continent is managed from the city of Flanthen (population 40,000), under the flag of Garzak, by Ulfdek “Silver” Valmikk.


Scattered among settlements, submarines, and the Surface Holdings, total engineer population is approximately 150,000, in the following proportions:

Current Engineer EldersEdit

  • Tolis "Tormentclan" Usurmûthkat
  • Erong "Faith" Anurobok, High Priest of Urmaggr
  • Ïngiz "Cursedirect" Thanbabin
  • Thur "Volcanodumpling" Kastol
  • Duthtish "Furyweight" Mïkstal
  • Nalthish "Boar" Atzulenog
  • Razmer "Twilight" Gébarkesh
  • Fashuk "Moldy" Olmulishlum
  • Elbost "Ivory" Taranïngiz
  • Sosas "Twist" Rungak
  • Vesh "Nastystab" Sharulmingkil
  • Gébar "Refreshingbeverage" Dugudavog