Each flaw allows that character to take one additional feat. Flaws may be taken only at first level. A character may have at most two flaws. In addition to the following and the base flaws in Unearthed Arcana, consider the flaws published in Dragon Magazine issues #324-329 and #333.

Chicken Infested [Flaw]Edit

You’ve got chickens.

Effect: Whenever you draw a weapon or pull an item out of a container, you have a 50% chance of drawing a live chicken instead.

The chicken is Indifferent to you. Drawing a chicken is always a move action. Drawn chickens are worth no experience points. If you pull too many chickens in an attempt to abuse your curse, some of them may be more powerful, hostile chickens.

(Treat chickens as ravens, but replace Fly 40 with Glide 20.)

Mode Lock [Flaw]Edit

After entering an animal form you were unable to leave it.

Prerequisite: Wild shape ability

Drawback: Select one form you can assume with your wild shape ability. You are permanently wildshaped into that creature, except that this is an Extraordinary ability which cannot be negated or dispelled. In all other ways this functions as a normal use of wildshape; for instance you cannot wildshape into other creatures, and you can no longer cast spells without the Natural Spell or Surrogate Spellcasting feat.

Special: You may change the form in which you are locked whenever you gain a character level. You may select this flaw at any level, as long as it does not cause you to exceed the normal number of flaws you can possess.

Unlucky [Flaw]Edit

You just plum have bad luck.

Drawback: You can't benefit from Luck bonuses, luck-based rerolls, or luck-based "roll twice and take the better result". Any Luck penalties you suffer are doubled. Any time a luck-based effect has you roll twice and take the worse result, you instead automatically fail.