Inglip, an eldritch abomination from beyond time and space, is thought to be older and mightier than the other “gods”. It is respected, though not quite exactly worshiped, by many aboleths and kuo-toas.

Inglip frequently communicates to its red-robed priests, called Gropagas, in bizarre and unusual ways. Two-word messages spelled out in candle wax, tea leaves, or fire ashes are common, and the Gropagas put a great deal of time energy into interpreting these cryptic phrases, which they might interpret as instructions to do bizarre and unusual things. It is said in the church of Inglip (called Dectrip) that the long-term will and goals of Inglip cannot be known, so being ever-vigilant for short-term instructions, wherever they may appear, is of paramount importance.

The hierarchy of the Gropagas is vague and shifting. Many popes and antipopes are followed and discarded as the whims of Inglip and the Gropagas shift. Most Gropagas currently follow Fylkir Latya Koprulu, called the Stranger, a changeling who is in the habit of wandering the world in various guises, and who has recently gathered an army of grapagas and slaads and declared a war of conquest on eastern Romus.

Inglip is thought to occasionally work with Mirk, but it is not known to have any other particularly strong affiliations or rivalries.

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Inglip's holy symbol, the Weedaula

Many obscure and confusing things are sacred to Inglip, including randomness, cats, and colorful beetles.

Inglip permits virtually any expression of sexuality, romance, or lack thereof. Such base mortal concerns are thought to be beneath its notice.

Inglip lives on the Chaotic Plane of Air.

Its favored weapon is the falchion.

Inglip is chaotic neutral, and its holy symbol is the weedaula.

Clerics of Inglip may choose from the Chaos, Competition, Creation, Darkness, Destiny, Destruction, Dream, Fate, Glory, Herald, Liberation, Madness, Oracle, Pact, Pain, Portal, Portal, Sand, Slime, Sloth, Summoner, Summoner, Time, or Trickery domains.

Followers of Inglip are frequently psions, warlocks (Complete Arcane), alienists (Complete Arcane), archivists (Heroes of Horror), fleshwarpers (Lords of Madness), cancer mages (Book of Vile Darkness), inquisitors of the drowning goddess (Underdark), or sea mother whips (Underdark).

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