Mirk, the Lugubrious One, is god of secrets, magic, death and undeath, darkness, and long-forgotten knowledge. He is worshipped by many who seek magical power, particularly for nefarious ends, including sorcerers, wizards, drow, and many mind flayers. The high priest of Mirk is known as the Heart of Mirk, but the name of the current and past Hearts of Mirk are not widely known.


A crude rendition of Mirk's appearance

He is usually depicted as an unsupported, floating humanoid nervous system, brain and eyes and nerves, draped in a black cloak, though occasionally he is represented simply as a giant brain.

Mirk hates Numiel and Quasxthe in equal measure, and is said to occasionally work with Inglip; he is thought to be the only creature in the universe who has divined Inglip's long-term plans.

Knowledge, books, complex nervous systems (especially brains and eyes), corvids, autumn, snails, spiders, cats, darkness, and poison are sacred to Mirk.

Mirk lives on the Deathly Plane of Shadow.

He is neutral evil.

Mirk's holy symbol

Clerics of Mirk may choose between the Darkness, Death, Deathbound, Destiny, Domination, Drow, Evil, Fate, Herald, Illusion, Inquisition, Knowledge, Liberation, Magic, Mental, Mind, Necromancer, Oracle, Shadow, Spell, Spider, Tyranny, Undeath, or Vile Darkness domains.

Mirk's favored weapon is the dagger.

Clerics of Mirk wear robes of black and sometimes gray.

Mirk's holy symbol is a single unblinking eye.

Mirk's holy texts are known variously by names such as the Dark Texts, the High Secrets, and the Knowledge. Only the Heart of Mirk is permitted to read the secret texts in their entirety; lower-level priests have access to some of the books, depending on their rank; lay followers of Mirk must rely on the interpretation of the priests.

Followers of Mirk are frequently wizards, archivists (Heroes of Horror), ninjas (Complete Adventurer), dread necromancers (Heroes of Horror), paladins of tyranny (Unearthed Arcana), drow paragons (Unearthed Arcana), blackguards (Dungeon Master’s Guide), true necromancers (Libris Mortis), necrocarnates (Magic of Incarnum), masters of shrouds (Libris Mortis), ruby knight vindicators (Tome of Battle), divine oracles (Complete Divine), mindbenders (Complete Arcane), assassins (Dungeon Master’s Guide), pale masters (Libris Mortis), nightcloaks (web enhancement), mystic theurges (Dungeon Master’s Guide), loremasters (Dungeon Master’s Guide), arachnes (Faiths and Pantheons), or drow judicators (Underdark).