Mongrelfolk, the mixed race descended from just about every other race, have only become more common, as the less common or less boaty races such as orcs and halflings have been driven almost to extinction and have found fewer and fewer members of their own race to breed with. Mongrelfolk can be found on most human vessels, and there are even a few vessels that are crewed almost entirely by mongrelfolk.

The biggest collection of mongrelfolk, however, is the nation of Gus. If there’s anywhere in the world you can find a small group of otherwise-extinct races, such as goblins, halflings, or kobolds, it’s in Gus.

Mongrelfolk Racial TraitsEdit

As in Races of Destiny and the Fiend Folio, with the following exceptions:

  • Emulate Race (Ex): A mongrelfolk can automatically emulate any humanoid race or any race from which they are descended, with no need for a skill check. Mongrelfolk who have the Use Magic Device skill have a +4 racial bonus on attempts to emulate nonhumanoid races from which they are not descended using that skill.
  • Mongrelfolk may take heritage feats even if they do not meet the class restrictions (for example, you may take the Draconic Heritage feat even if you are not a sorcerer). If you take a heritage feat tree, choose a single race described by that heritage (for example, if you choose Fiendish Heritage, you may choose to be descended from any one demon or devil, for example a succubus). You are descended from that race for the purpose of your Emulate Race and Diffuse Blood racial abilities.

Many mongrelfolk are even more horrible and bizarre even than this. These mongrelfolk are as in Tome of Horrors.