Sos, Mun, Taw, Wib, Tho, Fre, and Zab are the seven moons orbiting the world. They are sacred to Sequoia -- some consider them minor demigods under Sequoia's purview -- and name the days of the week.

The influence of the seven moons on those with therianthropy (lycanthropy and entomantothropy and so on) is complex and difficult to predict. Sos has greater influence over weremammals, Taw over entomanothropes, and so on, but the other moons still throw the system into chaos. The system is so complex that it is best modeled randomly -- roll 1d10 every night: on a 1, the night is treated as "full moon".


Sos, called Yame in Elvish and Flavum in Celestial, is large and yellowish. It represents Mammals.


Mun, called Liba in Elvish and Viridi in Celestial, is medium-sized and greenish. It represents Reptiles and Amphibians.


Taw, called Ÿare in Elvish and Aurantiaco in Celestial, is small and orangeish. It represents Insects.


Wib, called Tici in Elvish and Indicum in Celestial, is medium-sized and purplish. It represents Trees.


Tho, called Niÿira in Elvish and Rufus in Celestial, is large and reddish. It represents Flowers.


Fre, called Mira in Elvish and Canos in Celestial, is small and grayish. It represents Mushrooms.


Zab, called Itho in Elvish and Caeruleus in Celestial, is small and bluish. It represents Birds.