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As in Player's Handbook I and the SRD, except:

  • Smite Evil can be used the listed number of times per encounter rather than per day.
  • When a character uses Smite Evil, the attack also counts as Good for the purpose of bypassing DR/Good. The same applies to all aligned Smites, e.g. Smite Good bypasses DR/Evil.
  • Remove Disease can be used the listed number of times per day rather than per week.
  • At level 4 and beyond, caster level equal to class level.
  • The Paladin's Code is moderately more forgiving than as written. Associating with an Evil character for the purpose of redemption or keeping them in line is permitted. Associating with an [Evil] Outsider for the same purpose may get you some side-eye from your god and your church, but isn't an instantly Fall-worthy offense, either.

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