Current map of Romus

Romus, the southern continent, was settled by humans, who have set up a loosely democratic regime, ruled from the capitəl of Landrise (called Terrasurrexit in the native language; population 25,000) by a bicameral Senate of hereditary aristocrats and elected commoners, led by a semi-hereditary Praetor. The constitution of Romus dictates that a Praetor designate the heir presumptive to their throne, who should be the most qualified, competent candidate (the suggestion is that the Praetor designate their most trusted advisor for the rôle) and not necessarily their own firstborn son.

Vozdael Arkhigael

Arms of Vozdael Arkhigael

The founder and current Praetor of Romus is Vozdael Arkhigael, called the Lawgiver, a descended movanic deva who is attempting to mould the society to suit her purposes, as a bastion against evil (and, to a lesser extent, against clothing) on the material plane.

The official language of Romus is Celestial.


Romus has a population of roughly 100,000 people, in the following proportions:



  • Terrasurrexit (Landrise), pop. 25,000


  • Urbs, pop. 15,000
  • Castellum, pop. 6600
  • Civitas, pop. 5300
  • Castrum, pop. 4800
  • Vicus, pop. 4000
  • Ager, pop. 3800
  • Rus, pop. 2900
  • Oppidum Kalashtarium (Town of the Kalashtar), pop. 2400, mostly Kalashtar
  • Turris, pop. 2300


  • Cruxiata (Crusade), pop. 2200
  • Inquisitio (Inquisition), pop. 2100
  • Eiacite Tenebras (Cast Out The Darkness), pop. 1900
  • Genesis (Creation), pop. 1800
  • Nidus Carduelis (Goldfinch Nest), pop. 1700
  • Libellula (Dragonfly), pop. 1600
  • Lacrimae Kohielis (Kohiel's Tears), pop. 1500
  • Fodina Platini (Platinum Mine), pop. 1400
  • Numiel Vult (Numiel Wills It), pop. 1300
  • Krisis (Crisis), pop. 1300
  • Liber (Book), pop. 1200
  • Oculi Pavonis (Peacock's Eyes), pop. 1100
  • Ius (Justice), pop. 1100
  • Communio (Communion), pop. 1000
  • Nobilitas (Nobility), pop. 1000
  • Latrocinium (Piracy), pop. 1000
  • Puritas (Purity), pop. 900
  • Bellum Aeternum (Eternal War), pop. 900
  • Draco Aureus (Golden Dragon), pop. 900
  • Radiare (Radiance), pop. 800
  • Egredi Vozdaelis (Vozdael's Landing), pop. 800
  • Saxum Numielis (Numiel's Rock), pop. 800
  • Lux Caeli (Heaven's Light), pop. 800
  • Afflictio Mirkis (Mirk's Bane), pop. 700
  • Annuit Coeptis (He Favors Our Undertakings), pop. 700
  • Aestas (Summer), pop. 700
  • Signum Splendidum (Shining Beacon), pop. 700
  • Arbor Cerebri (Brain Tree), pop. 700
  • Savana Leonum (Lion Savannah), pop. 600
  • Exorcizans (Exorcism), pop. 600
  • Digiti Sanctae Keylae (Saint Keyla's Toes), pop. 600
  • Campus Dentis-Leonis (Dandelion Field), pop. 600
  • Lux (Light), pop. 600
  • Papilio (Butterfly), pop. 600
  • Sol (Sun), pop. 600

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