Sahuagin control a large region that borders Engineer, Locathah, and Triton territories, to all of whom they are universally hostile. They have a loose alliance with the mongrelfolk of Gus.


Traditional arms of Snajuk

The Sahuagin capitəl of Karis was destroyed when the land rose, and the cultists of the city of Snajuk (population 46,500), led by the high priestess Searches-the-blackest-depths-and-loves-what-she-finds-there, took control of the instruments of power. Where once Quasxthe was worshiped as a lesser ally of the leviathan god Hafgufa, the cultists of Snajuk worship Quasxthe first and foremost.

A few years ago, Searches-the-blackest-depths-and-loves-what-she-finds-there was killed by the Defiance, and now Snajuk is ruled by Lorsshtabask, called the Shadow, the new high priest of Quasxthe.

The smaller cities of Hakarl and Zralok are more traditionalist, though they are forced to pay tribute and homage to Snajuk. The other towns and villages of Sahuagin territory have a roughly feudal hierarchy in relation to the three primary cities.


The population of sahuagin territory is roughly 66 million, in the following proportions:


  • Snajuk: Pop. 46,500, ruled by High Priest Lorsshtabask "the Shadow"
  • Hakarl: Pop. 28,500, ruled by Tlatoani Bows-to-the-inevitable
  • Zralok: Pop. 24,000, ruled by Tlatoani Slaughters-many-elves
  • 23 Towns ruled by calpixquis
  • 187 Villages ruled by teuctlis