Sequoia, the Huntress, is depicted as a beautiful elven woman clad in leathers, with a mighty longbow. She is the goddess of nature, elves, and the moons. Some clerics of the Huntress claim that it was she who gave the elven druids the knowledge to create the first mangals, and to gather up all the animals for preservation for 500 years.

Sequoia's greatest foes are Urmaggr and the Burning Hate, and she tries her best to pretend Numiel doesn't exist. She coöperates with other deities only infrequently, though on rare occasions she will work with Hafgufa or Dalya.

Trees, plants, and forests, wisdom, wild animals, particularly birds of prey, unicorns, bugs that fly or crawl, virginity, cats, winter, masks, the moons, silver, and the calendar are sacred to Sequoia. Her priests preach abstinence and monogamy.

She lives on the Lawful Plane of Earth.

Sequoia's holy symbol

Sequoia is neutral good.

Her favored weapon is the longbow.

Her holy symbol is a green hawk and white moon.

Clerics of Sequoia wear brown and green robes.

Sequoia's domains are Animal, Bestial, Cold, Courage, Dream, Earth, Elf, Endurance, Fey, Good, Healing, Hunger, Liberation, Life, Meditation, Moon, Passion, Plant, Pride, Protection, Purification, Sky, Weather, and Winter.

Followers of Sequoia are frequently druids, rangers, elf paragons (Unearthed Arcana), arcane hierophants (Races of the Wild), champions of Corellon Larethian (Races of the Wild), verdant lords (Masters of the Wild), queens of the wild (Masters of the Wild), fleet runners of Ehlonna (Dragon Compendium), nature’s warriors (Complete Warrior), or forest masters (Faiths & Pantheons).

Historical High Druids of SequoiaEdit

  • dawn of recorded history-577ai - Omi Tayo "the Hawkheart"
  • 577-420ai - Fatabaléna Rethavenoiÿaso "the Glorious"
  • 420ai-13ii - Ilafeava Lenemibeniÿofe "the Good" - abdicated in recognition of Curuvall Irdaor's achievement
  • 13ii-88pi - Curuvall Irdaor - crafted Myth Selu'glaurach, the first mangal
  • 88-239pi - Seye Ewe "of the Wilds"
  • 239-240pi - Macamecirethiliceÿi Sutheecelawe
  • 240-255pi - Vimararanaotheta Rabeluthama "the Proud"
  • 255-293pi - Lethiroléna Vaficefaÿithiíneri
  • 293-324pi - Enothóafethoifisa Senamainofiweno
  • 324-326pi - Mithama Fothi "the Fox"
  • 326-454pi - Ereyi Uri
  • 454-494pi - Tari Relaodamase "the Imperious"
  • 494pi-present - Rìfi Rali "the Just"

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