Traits may be taken only at first level. A character may have at most one trait.

Alternate Favored Class [Trait]Edit

Benefit: Choose any Favored Class. This is now your Favored Class, and you acquire a Favored Class Bonus for it.

Drawback: You lose your existing Favored Class. In addition, choose any Flaw for which you qualify. You gain the effect of this Flaw, even if you already have the maximum number of Flaws. However, you do not gain the free bonus feat for taking this Flaw.

Balanced Heritage [Trait]Edit

You are descended from a more balanced mix of races, so you are more comely but less hardy.

Prerequisite: Mongrelfolk race

Benefit: Your racial penalty to Charisma is reduced by 2.

Drawback: Your racial bonus to Constitution is reduced by 2.

This brings your racial modifiers to a total of +2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma.

Differently Specialized [Trait]Edit

Your learning took a slightly different path than most of your peers.

Drawback: Choose two skills which are currently class skills for you. These skills are never class skills for you, no matter what classes or feats you take. Craft, Perform, Profession, and Knowledge count as one skill each for this purpose.

Benefit: Choose one skill which is not currently a class skill. This skill is now always a class skill for you, no matter what classes you take. If you select Craft, Perform, Profession, or Knowledge, the benefit of this trait applies only to one sub-skill, such as Knowledge(Dungeoneering) or Craft(Basketweaving).

Unarmored Body [Trait]Edit

As the feat in Races of Eberron, but as a trait instead of a feat.