Tritons live in deep trenches between the shallower territories controlled by the Merfolk and the Sahuagin. Tritons live in peace with the Merfolk, and have a particular hatred for the Sahuagin.

Tritons practice a form of cognatic gavelkind succession -- all lands, titles, and property are divvied up evenly between all children. For this reason, individual tritons rarely amass large amounts of territory; triton territory is not a single nation, but is ruled by upwards of 50 petty kings and queens at any one time. However, these kings tend to act in remarkable accord with one another, rarely warring between themselves and usually backing each other up in wars with outside nations.

Current Petty RulersEdit

In order of relative power:

  • Rorke~koma "the Shark"
  • Erdapeb~bak "the Strong"
  • Leti~throsh "the Glorious"
  • Sorus~stalith "the Bastard"
  • Ozo~tak~smo "the Clueless"
  • Lami~vuk
  • Mudun~gun~beh
  • Uw~shepogush "the Chaste"
  • Tusus~nosta "the Crusader"
  • Átux "the Rash"
  • Boki~spib~sa "the Lucky"
  • Taram "the Holy"
  • Quesa~bol~li "the Old"
  • Oprig "the Confessor"
  • Uvno~casot "the Wily"
  • Nongo~sadu "the Able"
  • Gusta~red "Half-Hand"
  • Lel~got~urot "the Merciless"
  • Lulush
  • Mipbi~ishdem "the Mute"
  • Iclou~stom "the Scholar"
  • Atu~cihir "the Kind"
  • Laspar~ibid "the Hunter"
  • Nelo~umil "the Gross"
  • Olith "the Avenger"
  • Shedosh "the Sellsword"
  • Des~liage "the Unready"
  • Ishas "the Shrewd"
  • Dam~sod~uli "the Proud"
  • Nisam~girus "the Monstrous"
  • Tem~en~eth~rez
  • Genam~wakox "the Unlucky"
  • Zokaseth~bap
  • Shac~elapa "the Simple"
  • Spepip~pathril
  • Gopeta~buth "the Quarreler"
  • Erda~posp "the Conquerer"
  • Kajeth~smemak "the Magnificent"
  • Slinam~litop "the Sword of Hafgufa"
  • Urom~culoc
  • Tunul~bir "the Imperious"
  • As~thiape "the Young"
  • Pevi~temim "the Saintly"
  • Kom~quosa "the Cruel"
  • In~nuseto
  • Dalic "the Dragon"
  • Unbeh~namar
  • Arin~celo "the Bewitched"
  • Bok~path~ril "the Lionfish"
  • Quefo~adic "the Apostle"
  • Orad
  • Budaw "the Good"
  • Lod~ni~gekil
  • Nohu~samil "the Impaler"
  • It~vid~lofi "the Jolly"
  • Geñoika "the Fair"


The population of triton territory is roughly 33 million individuals, in the following proportions:


  • Neifion: Pop. 75,000, ruled by Rorke~koma "the Shark"
  • Terat~sya: Pop. 52,500, ruled by Erdapeb~bak "the Strong"
  • Krakenden: Pop. 13,000, ruled by Leti~throsh "the Glorious"
  • Pumanath: Pop. 7,500, ruled by Sorus~stalith "the Bastard"
  • 28 Towns
  • 84 Villages